Our general management consulting firm provides expert advice, guidance, and support to businesses seeking to improve their overall management practices. We pride ourselves on delivering tangible results for our clients, building long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual respect, and making a positive impact on the world around us.

Introduction About PT People Prime Indonesia

People Prime Indonesia is a team of passionate and experienced consultants who are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their full potential through effective management practices. They offer a range of consulting services, including strategic planning, organizational design, leadership development, and operational efficiency, aimed at helping businesses improve their management practices and achieve sustainable growth.

They believe in building long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual respect and are committed to delivering practical, actionable advice that delivers real value. People Prime Indonesia also encourages their clients to embrace sustainability and use their resources to create positive change in the world. With their expertise and commitment to excellence,they’re confident that they can help businesses of all sizes and industries achieve long-term success.

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  1. C A R E
  2. Customer focus (fokus pada pelanggan)
  3. Accountability (bertanggung jawab)
  4. Respect (menghargai)
  5. Excellence (keunggulan)


Our vision is to be the top management consulting firm in Indonesia, known for our practical and innovative solutions that enable sustainable growth and positive change in the world. We strive to be a trusted and strategic partner to our clients, delivering exceptional services that provide real value. By investing in our people, processes, and technology, we continuously improve to stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. Our goal is to promote sustainable business practices and empower our clients to achieve their full potential, creating a better future for all.


Our mission at People Prime Indonesia is to provide exceptional consulting services to businesses, building long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual respect. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their unique needs and empower them to achieve their full potential through effective management practices. Our commitment to promoting sustainable business practices encourages positive change in the world.

Corporate values CARE memiliki makna sebagai berikut

Perusahaan harus selalu memperhatikan dan memahami kebutuhan serta keinginan pelanggan. Selain itu, perusahaan juga harus memastikan bahwa produk atau layanan yang disediakan selalu berkualitas dan memberikan kepuasan bagi pelanggan.

Setiap karyawan dalam perusahaan harus memiliki tanggung jawab terhadap pekerjaannya dan terhadap keberhasilan perusahaan secara keseluruhan. Mereka harus bertindak dengan etika yang baik, menjaga kerahasiaan perusahaan, dan memastikan bahwa setiap tindakan yang diambil tidak merugikan perusahaan.

Perusahaan harus menghargai setiap karyawan, pelanggan, mitra bisnis, dan masyarakat sekitar dengan cara yang sama. Karyawan harus diperlakukan dengan adil dan baik, pelanggan harus dihargai, dan lingkungan sekitar harus dijaga dengan baik.

Perusahaan harus selalu mencari cara untuk meningkatkan kualitas produk dan layanan yang disediakan. Karyawan harus selalu berusaha untuk mencapai keunggulan dalam pekerjaan mereka dan menciptakan nilai tambah bagi pelanggan dan perusahaan secara keseluruhan.

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